Shanghai: Key sectors for SMEs

WHILE Shanghai might be more open to trade than anywhere else in China, competition is fierce.

As Avi Nagel, from the China-Britain Business Council, warns: “There’s got to be a compelling reason to purchase your product.”

So, where do the opportunities lie?

Government body Invest Shanghai sets out for the Tribune where SMEs can make inroads:

  • IT: Integrated circuits, next generation network comms etc
  • Intelligent manufacturing equipment: Robotics, CNC machine tools and intelligent processing equipment, smart control systems and industrial software, sensors and 3D printing equipment
  • New energy: Nuclear power, gas-electric and clean coal equipment, and distributed energy, wind and solar power, and smart grid apparatus
  • Biomedical pharmaceuticals: Chemical and biotech drugs, modern traditional Chinese medicine, individualised diagnostics, and medical equipment
  • High-tech ships and marine engineering
  • Civil aviation and space information
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection: High-efficiency energy-saving equipment and advanced environmental protection products
  • New materials: Advanced base materials and key strategic materials
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