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EVERY business knows the value of social media but not many get it exactly right.

Google digital trainer Keye Oduneye delivered the opening workshop of Start-up Day for the Business and IP Centre at the British Library in London.

And his session on building a social media strategy contained some nuggets of advice that are useful at any stage of the business journey. Here are five of his key messages:

Embrace your rivals

I don’t see competitors any more. I see them as free researchers because they are either doing something you shouldn’t be doing, or something that you should. So rather than seeing them as something your competing with, see them as something that can support you and guide you.

Develop your social ‘voice’

Nothing has better value than your brand. It’s key whether you’re starting up or going places. Get your logo done the right way, have set colours and fonts that define you. Are you funny? Are you very serious? Are you there to tease and get attention? So whenever you are composing tweets or writing anything online, we know what to expect from you.

And to protect that brand…

Google social media trainer Keye Oduyene

Have dos and don’ts

You might have a web designer, someone else running your social media, or an external person doing lots of bits. Have dos and don’ts not just for yourself but for everybody else. One of the things with social media is that someone might like to get creative quickly and with that little second they get creative, once it’s out there, it’s out there. You can delete it but people can still find it.

See the full potential of LinkedIn

It’s not just for recruiting, it’s for networking. About 85% of people on LinkedIn are real people, so you don’t have to face the gatekeeper. You can directly communicate: “Hi, you’re the CEO of this company? Well, I do this. I’d love to cater this for your company.” Give it a go.

And finally…

Keep it simple, stupid!

Don’t confuse yourself because you’re trying to impress them… make your message clear. The beginning steps on social media are the best to get this right.

Slides from Oduneye’s presentation are available via Google’s Digital Garage documents.

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